oh baby!

check out these super cute cakes i made for my boyfriend's brother and his girlfriend's baby shower today. they are due this week and guess what they're having?? a girl! yes, Kennedy Ryan will be coming into this world soon and we are so excited. best wishes to mommy and daddy to-be!

my mom-in-law made the board the cakes are on and stamped the little hands and feet around the edges. she also helped mix up some of the cake batter. we make a good team!

the cake and icing is obviously 100% vegan...hardly anyone at the party knew and they were just raving about it! the left foot cake is chocolate and the right foot is vanilla. white and pink icing is vanilla and brown icing is chocolate. mmm!



happy birthday mommy! & time to start thinking about the holidays.

my mom's birthday was november 3rd. since she is quite certainly the best mommy in the world, i made her favorite cake to help her celebrate! she's a big fan of carrot cake with cream cheese frosting. oh my, was it delicious! happy birthday mom!

if you've enjoyed sweet darlin' cupcakes before, please spread the word! tell all your friends! send 'em this way! tell them they won't regret it ;)

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pagan kitt-cakes.

i made these for our friend kitt, for his girlfriend amy's birthday. i was asked to make "chocolate with chocolate with chocolate with chocolate...etc." it was requested that there be pentacles on them. so here they are. chocolate chocolate chip cupcakes with chocolate buttercream frosting...and pentacles. ta-da!

don't forget, halloween is a week away! order your halloween cupcakes NOW!




(i love saying that...)
i had an order this weekend for a little boy's birthday party--halloween style. the best two celebrations, combined! this is what i came up with. order a batch like this for only $25...2 batches for $45, saving you $5! the perfect thing for any halloween party.


i made these for an order a few weeks ago. just found the photos. mmmm, cookies n' cream minicakes!




get your orders in now for super spooky cupcakes!
your choices for halloween cupcake decorations include, but aren't limited to:

- spiders (shown in picture)
- eye balls
- creepy crawly worms
- bats
- frankenstein
- ghosts
- pumpkins
- candy corn (made out of icing, i've yet to find a vegan candy corn. boo-hoo.)
- mummies
- monsters

etc, etc, etc! place your orders today!



fall is here!

as much as i love warm and hot weather, i always get very excited when the weather starts to turn. the smell of leaves, the chill in the air and most of all...the FOODS!

warm apple cider, sweetzel's spiced wafers (yes, they're vegan!), soups, mashed potatoes, tofurkey and so on. oops, i forgot pumpkin!

i was never really a fan of pumpkin things. only my grandmother's amazing pumpkin roll, which my mom successfully veganized for me. thanks mom! but i've never liked pumpkin pie (gasp!), or anything else pumpkin. yuck. however...when i stumbled upon these cupcakes, i just had to try them. i mean, after all, they're CUPCAKES.

these pumpkin chocolate chip cupcakes are made complete with a yummy cinnamon glaze icing and can be made as minis (shown above) or regular sized.

stay tuned for more autumn flavors including special halloween and thanksgiving cupcakes!



happy birthday!

today is my wonderful boyfriend's birthday! to celebrate, i made him vegan tofu-spinach manicotti for dinner. for dessert (the best part!) i made him a two-layer chocolate cookies n' cream cake with peanut butter filling and cookies n' cream icing. it was delicious!

with crushed Newman O's in the cake batter AND icing along with the sweet and salty peanut butter filling, this cake is to DIE for.  you can have a cake just like this for only $25! call 215-290-0430 or email quackquack77@yahoo.com to order your chocolate peanut butter cookies n' cream cake today!

happy birthday chris, xo.



ah, the end of summer. you can feel it in the air. the kids are ready to go back to school, families and friends getting their last vacations in. i am happy, yet sad. glad the weather is cooling down and not 100 degrees. disappointed in myself for not doing more this summer. oh well. there's always cupcakes to cheer me up.

this past friday we had three parties to go to! ah the joys of being popular (not really). so of course, we went bearing gifts...er, cupcakes.

i had the whole day friday to prepare the cupcakes, so naturally i took my time. it was a rainy day, but i had the weakerthans to keep me company. all the while, i keep reminding myself not to forget my business cards. i said to myself, oh, i won't forget them! well, i should have plastered a sticky note to my forehead. leave it to me to forget the business cards. here's hoping you all spread the word! (please?) i promise i'll take my business cards next time, if you promise to buy some cuppy-cakes.

i received many compliments (as always, and thank you!) on my cupcakes. a few questions as well. people were mainly asking what kind they are, which brings me to my next point. don't worry, i won't leave you hanging.

pictured at the top left, we have sunflower cupcakes. a simple vanilla mini cake with vanilla icing and mini oreos. i'm so glad oreos are vegan.

above, we have chocolate peanut butter mud cakes: a simple chocolate mini cake with real, creamy peanut butter icing. you can taste and see the teeny tiny crushed up peanuts!

well, that is all for now, kids. i hope you enjoy what's left of your summer. don't you forget about me (rip john hughes), see you all soon.

sweet darlin' cupcakes, signing off.



celebrate the end of summer with sweet darlin' cupcakes.

happy august 6th! can you believe summer is almost over? time to get your last summer picnics, pool parties and lazy days in! sweet darlin' cupcakes has the perfect treat for your end of summer festivities. place your orders now before its too late! i just happen to have some crafty summer designs up my sleeve that will make you and your belly smile. teddy bears in inner tubes, flowers, smiling suns, sunflowers, ladybugs, fresh fruit, etc. take your pick, the possibilities are endless! 

remember, its cheaper to buy more! thats right, when you buy more than one dozen or batch of cupcakes, you get the additional dozens for less! two dozen regular cupcakes only $35 (originally $20 each). two batches of mini cupcakes which makes 60-80 little ones, only $40 (originally $25 each). this may be a limited time offer, so get 'em while they're cheap!

don't forget to swing by often to see new pictures, leave feedback, and find out what's new with sweet darlin' cupcakes. thanks for stopping by the shop, see you again soon!



welcome to the sweet darlin' cupcakes online shop!

greetings! here you will be able to view my cupcake and cake portfolio and contact me regarding orders. i will post new photos and featured flavors often, so keep checking back to see what's new in shop!

as for now, let me tell you about the goodies. sweet darlin' cupcakes makes 100% vegan cupcakes. this means no dairy, no eggs, no animal products at all. let me prove to you that you don't need to harm innocent animals to enjoy a good cupcake! for more information on living a vegan lifestyle, please visit http://www.veganoutreach.org/whyvegan/. 

sweet darlin' cupcakes can provide cupcakes and cakes for every occasion. be it birthdays, baby and wedding showers, weddings, graduations, anniversaries, parties or just for something to soothe your sweet tooth, sweet darlin' cupcakes can do it all! gift packages are also available, details coming soon.

cupcakes, mini cupcakes and cakes are available for purchase at the prices listed on the side panel of my blog. here's a list of cupcakes that i consider standard. all flavors can be made in cupcakes and mini cupcakes. cake flavors are limited for now, more coming soon!

-vanilla confetti
-chocolate chocolate chip
-mint chocolate chip
-cookies n' cream
-candy cane cookies n' cream (seasonal flavor)
-red velvet
-banana split
-pumpkin chocolate chip

-vanilla buttercream
-chocolate buttercream
-peanut buttercream
-coconut cream icing
-vegan cream cheese frosting

-strawberry shortcake
-two and three layer cakes can be  made with any combination of vanilla and chocolate layers

thank you for taking the time to come by the shop! please visit often to see new and exciting flavors!