ah, the end of summer. you can feel it in the air. the kids are ready to go back to school, families and friends getting their last vacations in. i am happy, yet sad. glad the weather is cooling down and not 100 degrees. disappointed in myself for not doing more this summer. oh well. there's always cupcakes to cheer me up.

this past friday we had three parties to go to! ah the joys of being popular (not really). so of course, we went bearing gifts...er, cupcakes.

i had the whole day friday to prepare the cupcakes, so naturally i took my time. it was a rainy day, but i had the weakerthans to keep me company. all the while, i keep reminding myself not to forget my business cards. i said to myself, oh, i won't forget them! well, i should have plastered a sticky note to my forehead. leave it to me to forget the business cards. here's hoping you all spread the word! (please?) i promise i'll take my business cards next time, if you promise to buy some cuppy-cakes.

i received many compliments (as always, and thank you!) on my cupcakes. a few questions as well. people were mainly asking what kind they are, which brings me to my next point. don't worry, i won't leave you hanging.

pictured at the top left, we have sunflower cupcakes. a simple vanilla mini cake with vanilla icing and mini oreos. i'm so glad oreos are vegan.

above, we have chocolate peanut butter mud cakes: a simple chocolate mini cake with real, creamy peanut butter icing. you can taste and see the teeny tiny crushed up peanuts!

well, that is all for now, kids. i hope you enjoy what's left of your summer. don't you forget about me (rip john hughes), see you all soon.

sweet darlin' cupcakes, signing off.



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