fall is here!

as much as i love warm and hot weather, i always get very excited when the weather starts to turn. the smell of leaves, the chill in the air and most of all...the FOODS!

warm apple cider, sweetzel's spiced wafers (yes, they're vegan!), soups, mashed potatoes, tofurkey and so on. oops, i forgot pumpkin!

i was never really a fan of pumpkin things. only my grandmother's amazing pumpkin roll, which my mom successfully veganized for me. thanks mom! but i've never liked pumpkin pie (gasp!), or anything else pumpkin. yuck. however...when i stumbled upon these cupcakes, i just had to try them. i mean, after all, they're CUPCAKES.

these pumpkin chocolate chip cupcakes are made complete with a yummy cinnamon glaze icing and can be made as minis (shown above) or regular sized.

stay tuned for more autumn flavors including special halloween and thanksgiving cupcakes!


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